Classic Team

The Challenge

The Classic team organizes convertible and classic car events in the form of pleasure tours. “Pleasure” in this context means exciting streets, beautiful panoramas, good food, good wine and definitely no races. The events are a place for car enthusiasts to come together and enjoy some good time.

Despite the love for cars from the last century, digitalization is not bypassing the Classic Team. It needs a website, and it turns to us: we should design a page that reflects the spirit of the team, makes people want to attend the events and enables online bookings.

Our Solution

We have developed a website with a contemporary, angular design, on which the wealth of historical information that characterizes the Classic Team can be found without being overwhelmed by information directly – true to the motto “He who seeks, finds. “

If customers want to book the events online, they can put together a personalized package. Based on the combination, the price is calculated, which can then be paid directly via credit card.