The Challenge

Euroservice is a company based in Merano that specializes in elevators. Especially made-to-measure elevators are part of their specialty: whether passenger elevators or freight elevators, Euroservice is a renowned address.

Euroservice customers include private individuals, construction companies, hotels as well as luxury boutiques such as Benetton, Prada or Philipp Plein. So how do you make a page that covers the entire range of work and is exciting for every type of customer?

Our Solution

We are developing a website that focuses on the company’s types of service and thus on the different types of elevators. Each project is assigned a different category, so that similar references are suggested.

This is how we managed to ensure that every potential customer can see the type of elevator they are interested in. In this way, someone interested in a freight elevator will not see the Philipp Plein reference in Venice and vice versa.