Gasthof Steg

The Challenge

The Gasthof Steg is an inn with its own restaurant – and its own pizzeria. And the pizzeria aspect is exactly where things got challenging, we needed to develop an elegant solution to integrate the pizza menu in such a way that it can be managed and updated easily by the owner. At the same time, pizza orders should be possible digitally.

Our Solution

We develop a tailor-made solution for the Gasthof Steg: Via a dashboard with its own UI, the pizza menu can be edited in three languages and pizzas can be assigned to the various categories, such as “classic” or “hearty”.

When a customer places an order, he selects the pizzas, enters the quantity and an optional message, and sends the request. The inn receives the order via the dashboard and by email. In order to introduce an additional security level, we developed an e-mail verification: The customer receives an automatic e-mail that he can use to verify his order – the inn in turn sees the respective status in its own dashboard.