No more victims

The challenge

The physical retail business is one of the sectors which suffered the most due to the covid lockdowns. With our project “Südtirol Shop” we developed a platform, which helped more than 250 small retailers to be present online and to create that presence in a really fast and intuitive way. Of course, we needed to communicate the platform to our potential customers. We decided to go for an awareness campaign, with a video that needed to be short, provocative and funny. The message: as convenient as Amazon & Co are, don’t forget the small and local retailers.

Our solution

Thinking about the e-commerce giants, delivery guys come to mind. After all it is them who bring your order. Our opening is a delivery guy in a very good mood who is dancing and singing while delivering something. Out of the corner comes something red – and red is the corporate color of “Südtirol Shop”. The old man, who represents the small and local economy, laughs and is happy that the money remains in the region thanks to “Südtirol Shop”.


The video was seen by 80.000 people in South Tyrol. It was loved and hated. We are very happy with the campaigns performance because we were able to reach around 16% of South Tyrol’s population. We are proud to say that every sixth South Tyrolian has seen our video.