Resole Platform

The Challenge

La Sportiva is launching approach shoes that can be resoled for the first time. The concept of being able to exchange the soles of the shoes comes from the world of climbing. Through this concept the company follows two philosophies:

1. Sustainability: the lifespan of the shoe is doubled. Therefore, less is thrown away and the costumer has to buy less often.

2. A higher comfort level: every new shoe needs to adapt to the customer’s foot. Thanks to the resoling-concept the shoe renews in terms of functionality while remaining totally adapted to the customer’s foot and therefore improving comfort.

Our duty was to communicate the resoling-concept for approach shoes with a certain WOW-effect.

Our Solution

Together with our partners MFOR we developed a video-experience that meets the requirements of La Sportiva: the idea of sustainability and closeness to nature is communicated trough the location, an alpine hut in the mountains. The process of resoling approach shoes – shoes which up to now have been considered “not resolable” – is shown as something magical through 3D animation. At the same time, the animations allow us to present the product, the TX2 Evo, in detail.