The Challenge – Fantasia Croccante

The challenge

The “Fantasia Croccante” muesli is one of Viologic’s best-selling products. Part of the target group are parents who buy breakfast for the whole family, preferring muesli that tastes good and is also healthy. The big question we had to face was how do we manage to address this target group and shoot a spot that has the potential to be shared among the target group.

Our solution

We develop a video concept in which we tell the story of a child who sneaks into the kitchen at night to snack on Viologic muesli. There remains only one problem: the cereal is at the top of the cupboard. The little one can only reach the muesli with a special construction.

With the child, we get the attention of all parents who have smaller children. The construction that the child makes adds a portion of humor to the video and conveys that the child is smart. In the last scene it we communicate that the Viologic muesli is so naturally good that the child wants to feel it and eats with its hands.