No dog, no camera, no light.

Director: Gerd Weigel

Genre: Thriller

Length: 15‘


Director: Gerd Weigel

Genre: Thriller

Length: 15‘

The 15-minute-One-Take tells the story of a house burglary in real time. Believing that he isn’t doing anything bad, the 20-year-old Finn participates on a house burglary. He is hesitant while his two cronies brutally rob the house. When the burglars then come across Andrea, the 17-year-old daughter of the homeowners, everything runs out of the joints…


Cast: Frederick Redavid, Peter Schorn, Hannes Holzer, Alexa Brunner

Director: Gerd Weigel

Writer: Jannis Kager Kofler

Producers: Tobias Gruber, Matthias Gallo

DOP: Nikolaus von Schlebrügge

Camera Assistant: Livia Romano

Assistant Director: Evi Reich

Lights: Luca Vescovi

Sound: Dominic Rogan

Production Design: Alexander Denzer

Costumes: Monica Siviero

MakeUp: Yvonne Saltuari


Behind the Scenes