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Advertising on Facebook and Instagram offers companies the opportunity to advertise different content to different target groups with different goals. Placing advertisements is easy at first. The challenge is to keep optimizing and perfecting the campaigns restlessly.

We analyze the performance figures on an ongoing basis and adhere to various KPIs in order to assess the degree of success of a campaign. As part of the advertising, we continuously test different target groups and different content and try to bring the best results. The results we aim for depend on the goal of the campaign: this can be, for example, reach, interactions, or the highest possible ROI.


was the average price for a reach of 1,000 people in Q2 2020. (Sprout, 2021)


equals the CTR (click-though rate, indicates the ratio of click to reach). With a reach of 1,000 people, an average of 13 clicked on the ad. (Sprout, 2021)


billion was spent on Facebook advertising worldwide in 2020. (Statista, 2021)

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